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How can we make drawing network diagrams easier? The answer is by providing plenty of network diagram examples and templates and the right shapes. Below are some network diagram examples that will be really useful for network designers, network administrators and anyone looking to come up with a quick network diagram.

You can download them or modify them online using Creately’s network diagram software. Simply click on any image to get started. These are just samples to get you started, once you start you can make use of the extensive set of library objects and we’ll even load them for you. Lets get started with a network topology diagram.

What is a Network Diagram?

A network diagram is a graphical representation of a computer network. It illustrates the connections between devices, such as computers, servers, routers, switches, and other network components, and shows how data flows between them.

Network diagrams are commonly used in IT for network planning, design, and troubleshooting. They can help network administrators to understand the network topology, identify potential bottlenecks or points of failure, and optimize the network performance. Network diagrams can also be used to document the network configuration, which can be useful for future reference or for training new network administrators.

When to Use Network Diagrams?

  • Network planning and design: When planning or designing a new network, a network diagram can help you visualize the network topology and identify the necessary components, such as routers, switches, and servers. You can also use a network diagram to plan the layout of the network and the placement of devices.

  • Network troubleshooting: When troubleshooting network issues, a network diagram can help you identify potential bottlenecks or points of failure in the network. By analyzing the diagram, you can determine which devices or connections are causing the problem and take steps to address it.

  • Network documentation: A network diagram can be used to document the network configuration, including the IP addresses, subnet masks, and other network settings. This documentation can be useful for future reference or for training new network administrators.

  • Network security: A network diagram can help you identify potential security risks and vulnerabilities in the network. By analyzing the diagram, you can determine which devices or connections are exposed to external threats and take steps to secure them.

Network Diagram Templates

Network Topology Diagram Templates

Network topology diagrams are frequently drawn by network administrators and network designers and the below topology diagram template makes it super easy to get started.

Cisco Network Diagram Templates

We have added a large number of Standard Cisco diagram objects for network administrators and network designers who prefer drawing network diagrams using Cisco objects. Below is a simple Cisco network diagram template which includes a few Cisco objects, but you can find plenty more Cisco objects at our library. Click here to create your Cisco network diagram.

Office Network Diagram Template

An office network diagram example that makes use of grouping and some other network diagram objects available in Creately libraries.

Rack Space Diagram Templates

Rack diagrams are another important diagram type when it comes to drawing network diagrams. At Creately, we have quite a few rack diagram templates so you can get started quickly. Shown below is a rack diagram template which has some rack diagram objects, and there’s plenty more in our rack diagram objects library.

High-Level Office Branch Network Diagram Template

The following network diagram example shows the network architecture between a head office and two of its branches. There could be more than one office branch that is connected; you can click on the image and expand this high-level office branch diagram to suit your organization.

Zone Segmentation in an Office (LAN) Network Diagram Template

An office network should be segmented into different zones to increase security against attacks to the system. The network diagram example below illustrates how your local network can be divided into different zones.  You can use this diagram as a template to create a network diagram representing the zone segmentation of your office network.

Network Diagram Template of Access Point for Home/Office

This simple network diagram example shows a network access point representation for your home or office. Click on the image to expand the diagram using our network diagram objects.

Network Diagram Template of L2L VPN on Office Branch with Cisco 800 Series

The following network diagram template represents a Virtual Private Network (VPN) between three branches of an organization, and it has used diagram objects of the Cisco 800 series. You can click on the image and make changes using the Creately diagram editor.

Network Diagram Template of an Office Network on a Single Subnet

This network diagram example is that of a small office network on a single subnet.

VLAN Network Diagram Template

The following diagram template shows the architecture of a Virtual Local Area Network.

Basic Network Diagram Template

This is a very simple diagram template that shows the structure of a basic network. You can use this template as a good starting point to begin drawing your own network diagram for your office.

Hundreds More Network Diagram Examples and Templates

Shown above are few of the network diagram examples and templates available on Creately. More templates are added every month, so make sure to check out our full list of network diagram examples. Want a more specific network diagrams template? Contact us at support or simply leave a comment below.

More Diagram Templates

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How do I collaborate with my team to edit the network diagram examples?
With Creately, you can easily add your teammates as collaborators and work together in real-time on editing it no matter where you are. Go to workspace share options on the top tool bar and add the team members you wish to collaborate with as editors or viewers (who will only have view access with commenting privileges). You can track their actions and movements with live mouse cursors and synced previews and you can use the spotlight option to focus attention to what you are presenting during discussions.
How can I add Creately network diagram examples into presentations?
You can export the network diagram examples in a preferred image format including PNG, SVG, PDF, and JPEG, if you wish to add them in another presentation tool. Alternatively, you can also use a workspace embed link to embed the diagram in any site or intranet. You can also use Creately’s infinite canvas and multiple shape libraries to create your presentation in Creately itself and present it to your team hassle-free.
How to customize the network diagram examples with Creately?

Creately offers a range of options to easily customize youre network diagram example.

  • Add labels to the shapes and lines to indicate the names and IP addresses of the devices, as well as the bandwidth and other relevant information.
  • Quick formatting tools to customize the appearance of the diagram, such as changing the colors, fonts, and line styles.
  • Import options to import icons, images, attachments, etc. to further add context to the network diagram. Or use the built-in Google image search to browse the internet for more elements easily.
  • 70+ diagram type shape and icon libraries to visualize anything.
  • Integrated notes and data fields for each shape to add additional details, attachments, and data to further enhance the network diagram.


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