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How to make a Concept Map?


Brainstorm and Create Complex Concept Maps in Minutes

Brainstorm and Create Complex Concept Maps in Minutes
  • Visualize ideas and connections with whiteboarding tools.

  • Quickly add concepts and link them to topics with simple to use drag and drop tools.

  • Create multiple versions by duplicating the workspace for better analysis.

Brainstorm and Create Complex Concept Maps in Minutes
Develop a Shared Understanding

Develop a Shared Understanding

Develop a Shared Understanding
  • Organize and structure data easily with multiple concept map templates.

  • Arrange concepts and connections with color themes and advanced formatting options.

  • Create informative concept maps by importing images, vectors and more to the canvas.


Rapidly Generate & Structure Ideas

Rapidly Generate & Structure Ideas
  • Share complex ideas and organize concepts together on a shared canvas in real-time.

  • Share, review, and edit concept maps with advanced collaborator settings.

  • Comment with context, have discussions and follow-ups on the same canvas. Async!

  • Publish, present, print, or share by exporting as SVGs, PDFs, JPEGs and PNGs.

Rapidly Generate & Structure Ideas
Share Knowledge and Interact with Your Data

Share Knowledge and Interact with Your Data

Share Knowledge and Interact with Your Data
  • Add docs and reference notes to each node with custom properties and data fields.

  • Build databases/ wikis to collect and categorize multiple concept maps together.

  • Split canvas with frames and containers to carry out interactive presentations.

  • Easily find what you are looking for with the universal, full-text search.

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What is a Concept Map?

What is a Concept Map?

A concept map is a visual tool that represents how ideas and concepts are related to each other. Concepts or ideas are represented by nodes—usually in circles or boxes and relationships are represented by arrows that connect the ideas together. These arrows are known as cross-links.

A concept map maker or concept map creator helps you to understand concepts in detail. Through a concept map creator like Creately you can easily untangle and visualize complex concepts, inspire new ideas and organize information all in one single canvas.

How to Make a Concept Map with Your Team?

  1. First, select the right platform

Select the right platform to create a concept map, you need a space where you can easily move ideas around and reorganize concepts. Creately’s concept map maker provides a collaborative workspace that is perfect for creating concept maps in any collective group session.

  1. Identify the focus question

Invite your team members to discuss and narrow down the focus question, which is the problem your concept map is trying to solve. In the meeting take time to also define the purpose, goals and the target audience of the concept map.

  1. Identify key concepts

Ask team members to gather relevant information. Work together to identify key concepts and ideas related to the identified focus question of the concept map. Create a ‘parking lot’ of ideas, which is a list of related topics that are ranked from the most specific to the most general concepts.

Share a workspace or common folder to include all the gathered information. Within the workspace, the team can use sticky notes and the notes panel to add information and attach documents, if necessary.

  1. Create a rough draft

Use a Creately template to plug-and-play immediately or create a concept map from zero. Keep the focus question at the center and the related topics should branch out from it.

Link the concepts together with arrows - make sure to add linking words or phrases to explain how concepts are related. Color-code each parent node for better clarity to easily trace how ideas are related to each other.

  1. Review, refine and finalize the map

Review the rough draft of the concept map and make any necessary revisions or additions. Use in-line commenting or @mention comments to provide feedback. Once the team is satisfied, finalize and prepare it for wider distribution or presentation.

  1. Update and maintain

Usually, a concept map is a process and should be updated regularly. Get the team involved to update and review the concept map regularly as new information or insights become available.

Create Your Concept Map with Editable Templates

Business Outcome Concept Map

Business Outcome Concept Map

Marketing Presentation

Marketing Presentation

Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management

Science Concept Map Template

Science Concept Map Template

FAQs About the Concept Map Maker in Creately

What are the different types of concept maps?

There are many types of concept maps. The most popular are:

  • Spider maps: used to branch out and build upon a single idea.
  • Flowcharts: used to visualize processes easily.
  • Hierarchy maps: used to provide a picture from the highest to the lowest point of an organization or concept.
  • System maps: used to visualize a system, especially to understand how a team is functioning or a system is working.
What is the use of concept maps?
Concept maps can be used for multiple purposes. Read all about concept maps, how to use them, and more in The Ultimate Guide to Concept Maps: From Its Origin to Concept Map Best Practices.
Concept map maker vs. concept map creator–is there a difference?
Both are the same and describe online platforms or apps that provide a host of functions to make creating concept maps easier.
Can I use Creately as a free online concept map maker?
Yes, you can! Sign up for free with Creately’s basic plan, which provides you access to 3 canvases with up to 60 items. For more information, check out
What are the advantages of using a concept map maker or creator?

Concept maps are a great way to lay out your information in detail to understand the bigger picture. You can branch out and include every minor detail to avoid missing vital information.

Using a concept map creator like Creately, you can get a quick start with the readily available templates or use the extensive shape library to create your own. Many styles, preset colors, and precise formatting options are available to customize your concept map better. If you want to take a print, simply save it as a PDF and take a printout. You can easily share the space with your colleagues to collaborate via an email or a link.

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