Course Design Template

Create Engaging, Actionable Courses

Create innovative & well-crafted course designs to generate positive outcomes on students’ learning experiences.

  • Intuitive visual tools for planning lectures & courses
  • Multiple editable templates for different course designs
  • Online whiteboard for online classes & presentations
Course Design Template
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Create Optimal Pathways for Your Desired Learning Outcome

Create Optimal Pathways for Your Desired Learning Outcome

Create Optimal Pathways for Your Desired Learning Outcome

Multiple frameworks and templates for instructional design, lesson plans, course schedules, learning material, and more.

Professional diagramming tools to visualize your course design structures and brainstorm around course content.

Smart formatting and preset color themes to highlight, color-code, and group course information on the canvas.


Centralize All Your Course Information

Centralize All Your Course Information

Add detailed docs, attachments, links and more via the notes feature on course elements to capture and centralize information and resources.

Import images and vectors to the canvas and embed documents with in-app previews to compile a data-rich course design in one space.

Full-version history to keep analyzing all the changes and revisions. Easily revert to a previous iteration anytime. Cross-reference with older versions to find the most optimal learning outcome.

Universal full text search to quickly locate important information across course designs.

Centralize All Your Course Information
Collaborate with Colleagues & Students, Anytime, Anywhere

Collaborate with Colleagues & Students, Anytime, Anywhere

Collaborate with Colleagues & Students, Anytime, Anywhere

In-app video and audio calls to work closely and consult with colleagues in real-time.

Real-time cursors to track changes made by participants working together on the course design.

Comment with context, have discussions and follow-ups on the same canvas. Async!

Multiple access levels and roles to streamline managing, sharing, editing, and reviewing course designs and lesson plans.


Achieve Better Learning Outcomes

Achieve Better Learning Outcomes

Interactive online whiteboard with freehand drawing to facilitate teaching and classroom discussions.

Built-in tools to organize content and create interactive and dynamic presentations, graphic organizers, and more for classroom activities.

Multiple app integrations to help you import and export data across different learning management systems and platforms.

Powerful documentation capabilities to document information on courses, student performance, and academic endeavors.

Achieve Better Learning Outcomes



Visualize process and user insights with AI templates

Visualize process and user insights with AI templates

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    What is a Course Design?

    A course design process allows you to determine the learning outcomes students are expected to meet, the methods by which the students are measured and the learning activities that should be designed to help them achieve the learning objectives.

    How to Create a Course Design Template?

    • Start early by consulting with colleagues who have taught the same course and mark down techniques from their strategies.
    • Determine the goals for the course; these are the learning outcomes you want your students to learn and accomplish.
    • Select the course content; identify the major topics and decide the order in which you will teach them to your students.
    • Use a mind map to organize the selected topics and other information. Share the diagrams and collaborate to discuss the options.
    • Determine the structure of the course and organize the topics in a logical order with a course design template.
    • Link to the course design diagram from other documentation that’s created on the course content and assessment methods.
    • Embed the course outlines you have created in your intranet or other internal websites so everyone can easily access it.