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Real-Time Collaboration

Sharing & Collaboration | Real-Time Collaboration

Creately's canvas is built to have free-flowing interactions and make you feel like you are in the same room as the people you are working with.

Real-time Comments

Comments help you intiate discussions on the canvas in real time. Creately offers an array of features to that help you:

  • Add comments inline or as a thread.
  • Use @mentions to tag users in a comment.
  • Delete a comment or a comment thread.
  • Resolve comment threads.
  • View comments history.

For more information, read Comments.

Real-Time Mouse Tracking

The real-time cursor shows each collaborator’s actions on the workspace, this includes the shapes they are selecting and editing. Changes sync to everyone’s screen without a delay, keeping everyone updated with the changes in real time. If you’re sharing a workspace with view-only permission, you can still see the reviewer’s cursor on the workspace.

Real-time Mouse Tracking on Creately

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